Starting a New Position: What you Need to Know

There are several steps taken on both ends once a job offer is accepted. So, what do you need to know before starting a new position? Find out the most important actions to expect here!

  • New Hire Paperwork: We can nearly guarantee that in every single company you will ever work for, you will be required to complete company paperwork. This may be required to complete in-person, online through email, or through an electronic document. 
  • Pre-employment Screening: In order for your employer to verify that your claims are true, your history is intact, and your criminal record is clean, you should expect to receive a request for background, “pre-employment” screening. Background checks help your employer to protect its organization, exemplify due diligence, and ensure confirmation of your history. Some screenings to expect include:
    • Social Security Verifications, Tracings
    • Criminal Record Checks (State or County-wide)
    • Public Records Screening
    • Drug Testing
  • Education Verification: For students coming out of college, recent graduates, or young adults, it is common that you may be asked to provide confirmation of your education before starting in a new role. Verification of this sort may come by transcripts, phone calls to the University, GPA’s, graduation date or year, etc.
  • Employment Verification: Expect to have your previous employers contacted! There are several reasons why an employer would hope to verify your past employment before starting you in their company. They may be confirming or following up on reference letters, the reason for leaving, or eligibility for hire.
    • Extra Tip: Always expect for your reference letters to be checked and contacted! Although they may not be in all cases, it is always better safe than sorry. Maintain certainty that the letter you offer to a future employer will present you as a qualified, valuable employee. This is another reason why it is always important to maintain good relations with past employers!
  • Military Service: If you have previously served, it is likely that before starting, your military records will be verified. This often relates to certain benefits and services provided to those eligible.
  • W2 Form Submission: An additional document you should expect to submit before beginning employment is a W2 form – a form which will outline your compensation. This form is extremely important as it impacts your taxes, shows your earnings, and is required to be sent to you from your employer come January. Fill this out and confirm the information with care, especially check for employer errors and correct information (spelling of name, address, etc.)!

Pre-employment practices vary between companies, but this general outline of actions should have you prepared to begin any position! Remember, if you ever have questions, reach out to the hiring manager, staff recruiter, or other provided contact. They are there to help you, and you’ve already made it past the hard part!

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