Podcasts for YOU!

Since the start of the “OG” quarantine, podcasts have seen an enormous rise in popularity, use, utility, and convenience. Today, I’m here to share with you a few of my favorite podcasts to listen to as a college student. However, whether you’re passing time in high school, college, grad school, or sitting in your office at your current job, podcasts are a fantastic medium of entertainment and education. Here are a few that I look forward to listening to each week…

My Favorite Podcasts

  • The Morning Toast: If you’re looking for a pop-culture, comedy-based podcast hosted by two sisters, then this is the place for you! I love listening to their daily show (Monday-Friday) on my way to class, on a walk, while exercising, or as “background noise” as I get ready for the day or bedtime. Their news could be considered mindless, but absolutely fulfills my celebrity, reality-tv, business, and other desire to obtain news in the morning. Highly recommend!
  • The Skinny Confidential: “TSC” is another podcast that I listen to religiously on a weekly basis. Lauryn and her husband Michael host a variety of endless interviews spanning across just about any industry you could imagine. If you’re interested in learning about the lives of individuals from all walks of life, experience, perspective, identity, and background, then this is the community for you! I’ve never been so encompassed by an interviewing approach, but Lauryn does it all. She digs deep, asks the hard-hitting questions we are all asking ourselves, and ultimately creates an amazing product in the form of a podcast.
  • How I Built This with Guy Raz: Similiar to that of TSC, Guy Raz hosts “How I Built This,” where he interviews founders of all types of companies, services, products, and innovative endeavors. If you’re thinking of a brand, chances are he has a podcast on the exact topic you’re seeking. So, saddle up, and “listen” to an interview that resembles what you would think of as a Shark Tank success story.
  • Other Honorable Mentions: I Love You So Much With Kenzie Elizabeth, The Lady Gang, What We Said, MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth, Chicks in the Office, The Real Reel, Just B with Bethenny Frankel, Life with Marianna (Hewitt), Girls Gotta Eat.

Links to the Podcasts:

  1. The Morning Toast
  2. TSC
  3. How I Built This

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