“Random” Opportunity Benefits

Hello all! We hope that you’re equally as excited to head into the holiday weekend and relax, enjoy some BBQ, and above all time spent with loved ones. Before you go, we’re here to explore some of the benefits of “random” work opportunities with you! If you’re faced with some odd jobs this summer, seeking experience after facing challenges with obtaining an internship, or otherwise looking to stay occupied, read why that will benefit you HERE…

“Random” Opportunity Benefits…

  • Resume and Skill Builders: The experience you gain from any office or corporate setting will provide you with concrete skills to utilize in your next career exploration. Especially in regards to technological skills, it is invaluable to become immersed in any company’s operations and see how universal programs such as Excel, SPSS, SQL, etc. are utilized on a day-to-day basis. So, it’s important to first evaluate when you see new opportunities: what skills does this role require? How can I improve my professional profile by engaging with this role?
    • Extra Note: With additional experience comes, even if subconscious, a newfound level of confidence when advocating for yourself in informational or professional future interviews.
  • Identifying New Interests: In the same way that you will find yourself developing unexpected new technological and soft skills, an internship outside of your academic or career “norm” may help you to identify new areas of interest! Whether this means a new software-focused role, consumer packaged good, industry, culture, workload, creative skill, or any function of a business operation, exploring areas outside of your major and experience proves an extremely useful asset! It is crucial not to become stuck in one role throughout your life, so keep an open mind to all positions even if they seem far “out-of-the-box.”
  • Expanding Your Network and Professional Connections: We know we sound like a broken record, but we’ll take this chance to once again encourage you to always, always network! Connections are the driving force of this industry and it is essential to continue working to grow them. You never know when that one random connection from seven years ago may become your foot-in-the-door at your dream company. So remember, working in an office in a role you did not expect may lead you to achieve your dream role down the line by utilizing the network you worked to cultivate.

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