Unique Interviewing for RECRUITERS!

As interviewers ourselves, we know how easy it can be to fall into a routine and stick to the basics. However, the same few interview questions that you’re likely asking are those that EVERY company is relying on! So, how do you avoid the top 3 generic and over-used interview questions and stand out to candidates? Find out HERE!

Elevator Pitches and Get-to-Know-You

Instead of leaving the question so open-ended that there is room for a candidate to “miss the answer,” try instead to get to the deeper point like past experiences, top motivations for leaving past positions, alignment to company missions and value, etc. Doing so will help you target a more specific goal and get to know the candidate on a spectrum that will benefit your application process, avoiding steering away from their profession and airing on solely personal realizations.

Biggest Weakness

Another over-used interview question focuses on candidate “weaknesses.” Ask yourself, why do you need to know their biggest weakness? Is asking this specific or beneficial to your application process? Instead, focus on specific areas where your candidate would like to improve, skills they may feel like they’re still missing, programs or computer language they’d like to learn, specific qualities of the company in where they could improve, networking development, etc.

Five-Year and Future Timelines

Steer clear!!! We all know that awkward feeling on a family member or colleague asking about our 5-year plans, or essentially our future in general. While this may help you identify a long commitment and loyalty from the candidate, the truth is that these questions are more outdated than anything else. Instead, ask about future career goals like opening a personal company, growing a book of business, learning a new language, etc. Identifying how your candidate hopes to move along their career path and if their motivation is clearly portrayed will provide highly more value than knowing if they plan to start a family or move to a new city!

Remember, standing out as a candidate and as a client are equally important to your company’s success! Avoiding generic questions not only showcases a modern company spirit but will help you differentiate from never-ending interview processes.

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