Returning To Your First Internship

Happy Monday! To continue on our recruiting season tone, today we’re here to offer you some things to consider if you’re debating accepting a return offer from your first internship experience. Especially this year, as we move to online recruiting experiences, you may be feeling an extra inclination to return to a company that’s already provided you learning experiences and some semblance of comfort. If this sounds like your current situation, keep reading below…

Benefits of Returning . . .

  1. Sense of Role-ownership: One great aspect of returning to the same company you’ve worked at before is the relationships you’ve already built. Utilizing those connections, especially with hiring managers or internal recruiters, may allow you to gain freedom in choosing which role you pursue in your second year. Whether this means transitioning to another team, project, or an entirely new subset of a company, taking advantage of internal resources will prove highly valuable.
  2. New Mentors: Another way to make use of your experience is by beginning to envision the type of mentor, or mentors you can pursue upon your return. Building additional connections to expand your internal network is a great way to continue to gauge your own career interests and desires.
  3. Even Larger Network: While you have likely already begun building a network within the company you worked for, returning will allow you to build an even larger number of connections by surrounding yourself with employees of all different backgrounds, job functions, and teams. While this is especially useful for interns or graduates returning to larger companies that offer a greater and larger variety of employees, deepening connections will always prove useful. You never know if the connection you built may find themselves in a leadership role and in need of a new employee on their team. Better yet, mentors often transition into higher roles where they may then recommend you to take their previous spot!
  4. Job Security: If the company you’re considering also offers full-time roles to those interns eligible, accepting a second position with the company may help you get right in line for a full-time offer. Having job security in your final year of college is an immense reward and great payoff for all of your hard work, and is definitely a component worth special consideration.

Now that you’ve seen some leading factors in the benefits of returning to a company for a second-year internship, we’ll introduce you to a few reasons that may lead you to decide to explore elsewhere. While we don’t have the right answer for you, we’re hoping that you can lead feeling educated, well-versed, and with multiple different perspectives!

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