What are Recruiters Looking For?

Now that you’ve initiated your job search, it’s time we teach you about what traits recruiters look for in their candidates. While these go hand in hand with qualifying dimensions on resumes and in interviews, there are certain traits that are certain to set you apart from the rest in a positive light. Cultivating these attributes will also allow you to achieve great success in your career! Find them out here…

Top Traits 101…

  1. Attitude: One of the greatest ways you can secure a great first impression is by showcasing a positive, enthusiastic attitude! One of the most highly valued traits you can provide to coworkers, supervisors, and bosses is an attitude unhindered by challenges or obstacles. Maintaining this positive outlook will prove that you are a pleasant, hardworking employee; contributing to the atmosphere of your work environment is a highly important component of your role.
  2. Work Ethic: As we have reinstated numerous times, failure is an acceptable component of any career path! However, it is the work ethic you showcase and exude that will allow you to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. Recruiters look for a strong work ethic, as it allows them to understand both your ability to jump into a new organization with full and tireless effort, as well as the ability to be persistent and proactive when encountering difficulty.
  3. Flexibility: Remembering that your boss has a lot on their plate will allow you to become more flexible at work. Additionally, understanding that, at times, you will encounter unforeseen circumstances will help you to embrace unexpected change. Trust us, this quality strongly shows and helps you stand out as someone who is incredibly easy to work with! Adding on to this quality is also the value in adaptation. Companies are bound to undergo change or possible acquisitions. Being able to adjust to an ever-changing work environment is guaranteed to set you aside from the rest.
  4. Reliability: If you are a dependable resource to the company you are working for, they will absolutely want to keep you on their team! For this reason, make sure to explain if you’ve had several job transitions throughout your career, as holding roles is an attractive quality that will showcase your loyalty to positions.
  5. Team Player: The ability to work effectively in a team has become a true necessity of being a desirable employee. In order to be a valuable team player, work to improve traits like collaboration, communication, listening skills, compromising abilities, etc.
  6. Intrinsic Motivation: A motivation to achieve success fueled by oneself is a wonderful quality to possess in the workforce. In contrast to extrinsic motivational factors like salary or benefit package incentives, finding an inner desire to achieve success displays your undying dedication to your work and responsibilities.
  7. Honesty: Although maintaining honesty may appear as difficult, it is crucial to the way you are viewed by your employer. For example, if you were let go from a previous position, it is way more helpful to be upfront and explain the reasoning instead of trying to beat around the bush. Employers and recruiters will recognize and appreciate your transparency. Remember, it is equally as important to acknowledge tasks and activities you’ve completed in efforts to improve faults or weaknesses.

It is important to know that this is not a fixed list, and important qualities and traits are everchanging and adapting to modernized work environments. Keeping these important traits in mind will allow you to excel in your interviews and achieve numerous new positions!

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