Signs You’re About to be Fired

Are you worried that you are nearing the end of the road in your current job? Job insecurity is a fear that many have. There are signs that you can pay attention to in order to make sure you aren’t going to be fired! Continue reading below to find out!

Reduced Responsibilities

Is your workload much lighter than it normally is? Being assigned less work is sometimes a sign of getting fired. If you find yourself with a lot more time on your hands, pay attention to your workload or the projects that are being assigned to you. If you used to be really busy, and now find yourself with a lot of extra time, that can be a telling sign.

Coworkers Start to Distance Themselves

Do you feel like your colleagues are avoiding you? There might be a reason for that. Your coworkers might have knowledge that you are getting the ax, and in turn, they aren’t sure how to act around you. If people start whispering when you are walking by or stopping their conversation altogether, take notice, because they may be talking about you.

Performance Reviews

If you are suddenly put on a performance plan or are receiving mediocre performance reviews, this may also be a sign. Being constantly criticized at work can be exhausting and overwhelming. Sometimes performance reviews or plans mean that you are falling short of your duties, and it can be a last-ditch effort to help you improve.

New Employee

If someone is hired that has the same skill set as you or a better skill set, this can be a sign that you are getting fired. If you are asked to train this employee, that is also a red flag. Sometimes companies don’t want to fire someone unless they have a replacement, so you may be training this person to do some of your job duties and responsibilities.

While these are all signs that you are on the road to getting fired, they can also be taken out of context. Don’t panic or get paranoid right away, assess your work situation before you jump to any conclusions! Communicate with your bosses and always keep your options open!

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