5 Tricks for a Successful Interview

Interviews are a huge stressor in the job search process. Not being prepared can be a hinder to making your interview successful. It’s your first impression with the company and you want to do everything you can to make sure you ace it. Continue reading below to find 5 tricks that will help you succeed!

Interview Tips

  1. Show Confidence: Walking into your interview and owning the room will show the employer that you are confident! Show your confidence through your body language and eye contact. Maintain good eye contact when listening and speaking, being sure to talk slowly and calmly. Sitting in a power stance will make it seem like you aren’t nervous, even if you are! 
  2. Be Candid: Show that you are straightforward and truthful with your answers to the questions. Communicating candidly opens up the conversation and shows that you aren’t afraid to speak about your weaknesses or shortcomings.
  3. Showcase Your Potential: While talking about what you have already accomplished, make sure you include what you can do in the future. Employers like to see potential in candidates and hear about what you will be able to do.
  4. Effort Over Success: While you should definitely talk about your accomplishments, share about the effort it took to make those things happen. Organizations want to know that you are a hard worker, and if you discuss your efforts and difficulties, it will show them you value hard work.
  5. Say Thank You: Sending a note or email to the organization, within 24 hours of your interview, thanking them for their time is a considerable way to show your character. A simple thank you won’t get you the job, but it can help you make a great impression.

Utilizing these tips in your interview should help you make a great impression!

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