St. Patrick’s Day is on its Way!

Welcome back, everyone! With a holiday weekend approaching for those celebrating in Chicago (and additional celebrations taking place all over the United States and beyond), we thought it would be fun to take a break from business-focused content and instead provide you with a few different ways to participate in the festivities below.

Let’s…Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

  • Attend the St. Patrick’s Day Chicago Parade: Taking place at Grant Park (337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL) this Sat, Mar 11, 12:30 – 4:00 PM, and is one of the largest parades in the US! Our annual Chicago Parade showcases the green river and hosts a variety of floats and excitement that provides an awesome way to get out of the house, feel the cheer, and even serves as a great activity for families and children. Make sure to account for traffic in the area, transportation, and weather! It looks like a cold front is coming back toward the city quickly, so make sure to layer up to ensure a positive and pleasant experience.
  • Restaurant Events: Whether at the top of the building, on a floor with a view, or even in a conference center, many hotels provide celebrations in-house filled with food and drinks. Some to check out include: LondonHouse and The Godfrey.
  • Bar Tabs and Drink Deals: If you’re looking to hunker down at one location, many bars, in the same way as do restaurants, offer fantastic events, decked out in decorations and filled with a high-energy atmosphere and of course, many drinks. Some to check out include: Happy Camper, Homeslice, RPM Seafood, Bounce, Rizzo’s Bar & Inn, Fatpour, and more (note – these bars are all scattered across the entire city – so find the spot closest and most convenient for you!).
  • Bar Crawls: The last nod to a drinking day is participating in one of Chicago’s many bar crawls across the city. Whether River North’s Lucky Charms crawl, Wrigleyville’s Shamrock Crawl, Lincoln Park’s Lucky Charms crawl, or another, these crawls are guaranteed to take you all around the neighborhood and its most iconic spots. So, if you’re looking to hop around, meet new people, and try out new places, this is a great activity for you!
  • Walk along the River: One of the only times of year that the river takes on a new form – make sure to check it out as it’s fully dyed green. Bundle up, grab a friend, family member, or partner, and check it out from any raised rooftop or up close along the river walk.
  • Green Crafts and Fun! Finally, if you’re looking to escape the business of all of the city’s events this weekend, engaging in fun at-home St. Patrick’s Day-inspired crafts is a great way to cozy up and enjoy the day. Whether this is trying a latte crafting class (check out the blog’s pic as inspiration), doing a green coloring book, painting a new mug, trying out pottery, free-style painting a canvas, or any other artistic activity, finding something totally green is an awesome way to embrace the spirit of the holiday.

Remember, Daylight Savings is also coming near at 2:00 AM THIS Sunday, Mar 12, 2023!

With Daylight savings comes, obviously, more daylight to pack into our schedules. So, if you’re feeling a refreshed sense of motivation to take advantage of your 5-9 lifestyle (outside of works hours), then make sure to check in next week as we provide a whole bunch of opportunities, experiences, activities, and actions that YOU can take advantage of to continue your day.

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