Let’s Chat… Activities after Daylight Savings!

Welcome back form the holiday weekend everyone! Now that daylight savings is fully in throttle, many of us are experiencing much more day light to fill our nights with. If you’ve been feeling restricted by the dark, or are itching to get back outside and engage in activities during your ‘5-9’ life – then this is the blog for you! Keep reading below to find out about some of our favorite post-work activities.

Activities for your 5-9!

  • Sports Game: No matter where you live, you’re likely within a few dozen (or fewer!) miles of your team’s sports arena. This might look like hockey, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or more, but regardless of which sport you prefer, finding a friend and attending a professional sports game is a great treat. You can often find tickets as soon as a few minutes before and at a discounted price! So, if you’re looking to hype up your week and get your energy levels flowing, this is a perfect activity to get you started.
  • Cooking Class: In the interest of expanding skill sets and increasing our talent repertoire, we encourage you to locate your nearest cooking class, or even a free Youtube video to learn a new recipe tonight. As simple as a soup and as complex as a steak dinner, there are millions of resources across social media platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, sitting at your fingertips to help train you on new cooking methods and skills. And if you’re looking to indulge even more, find a cooking class near you and learn live, in-person from a true expert.
  • Painting Class: If you’re interested in getting in tune with your creative side, a painting class is a great way to kick off another new hobby in the new year – so what’s stopping you in 2023? Grab a friend, coworker, mentor, partner, or roommate, or connect with someone you haven’t seen in a while over painting/crafting so as to get involved in an activity while spending quality time with someone you enjoy.
  • Concert, Open Mike Night, Comedy Show: These three activities are highly similar in the way that they provide entertainment, help introduce you to new music or comedy, and are a great venue to bring a whole bunch of friends. Many comedy shows are relatively inexpensive, and it’s easier than you’d think to track down a smaller concert venue (sometimes even within a regular bar!), especially on weeknights to find new music to love and follow. So, try out something new and that you might not normally attend by locating a neighborhood theater and seeing a show this week.
  • Walks!! Walking opportunities are endless in any city. Whether you now have the ability to walk home from the office with the extra sunshine, find your way to a nearby outdoor path or lake, or find a new friend to get to know over a leisure exercise, this is an invaluable activity to increase positive mental health, physical health, and a great way to pack in socialization to the work day.
  • Picnic Dinner: Maybe a bit early in anticipation of the Spring city, but if you’re reading this from somewhere warm, one of our favorite activities is as simple as grabbing a blanket and finding your nearest park, lake shore, field, or outdoor spot to hunker down for a casual dinner. Packing something to bring would make this activity essentially free, but grabbing or trying a new spot on the way is also a fun way to try something new this week.
  • Intramural Leagues: Ultimately, with more daylight comes increased safety and joy of being outside. So, as we gear up for some warmer months coming near, we encourage you to look into your local intramural leagues. Chicago Sport & Social club promotes many sports league for you to get involved in as soon as TODAY! Check out pickle-ball, volleyball, basketball, bowling, kickball, softball and MORE!

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