Retaining Clients: How to do it Best

As recruiters, we know how important retaining clients is to the success of our organization! We also know, client retention fuels almost all industries. So, how should you go about retaining clients for the long run? Learn about our key strategies here!

  • Show Care: The main reason any client terminates their relationship with a company is due to lack of care form the company’s end. Always be conscious of the care you are showing to your clients! Whether this is a bi-monthly email, phone-call, or any other form of communication, check up on your clients! Even if you’ve had a client for years, they should still be treated as new.
    • Extra Gestures: Going above and beyond every once and a while for a client will strongly show your dedication to their needs, and willingness to put them above your own! This may entail meeting for coffee instead of in the office, treating them to lunch, or achieving a goal before a deadline.
  • Achieve Personal Connection: Get to know your clients on a personal level, instead of a professional. This will help you implement events, solutions, and connections that cater to their needs instead of resorting to treating all clients the same way. And trust us, they’ll notice. For example, if you know that one of your clients a huge sports fan and is from Chicago, set up your next event at a Cubs, Bulls, or Blackhawks game to showcase your memory of their interests.
  • Provide Feedback Opportunities: One of the easiest ways to collect a gauge of customer satisfaction is by implementing feedback opportunities. Whether this is through an administered email, a “reviews” section on a social media platform, or a survey sent by snail mail, any way to encourage your client to provide feedback will help in retaining them! Show that you are willing to consider different perspectives and change some aspects of your business strategy in order to ensure satisfaction.
  • Create a Mutual Agreement: Before you engage in business with any client, set a list of objectives to be reached on each end, as well as expectations. This may include communication frequency and timeliness, communication mediums, deadlines, due dates, or any other set in stone goal that can be established on paper. This way you will avoid encountering conflict stemming from a lack of planning!
  • Don’t Make Promises! It is easy to get caught up in client pressure and agree to meet responsibilities that in hindsight may be unachievable. Remember, success requires satisfaction on the company side as well as the client, so don’t agree or make promises to obligations that you will not be able to meet.
  • Organize Each Client: Clients should not be grouped together in documents or folders. Cluttering clients together gives way to easy miscommunication and lack or organization. If you are put on a surprise call with a client and they reference a past project, you should be able to access it quickly and easily to deliver results and communicate as quickly as possible.

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