Are you searching for a job and stressed out about the interviews? It’s totally normal to feel that way, many people get nervous about interviews. Interviews can be a tedious and stressful part of the job search process. After interviewing, it’s important to remain calm even if you feel stressed about how the interview went.  Use the following tips below to guide you on what not to do after an interview!

Don’t Stress Yourself Out: After an interview, you might feel like freaking out, but that is not in your best favor. While it’s easy to stress yourself out about it, don’t overthink it. If you sit there and playback in your head what you could have/should have said, you will make yourself crazy. Also, try not to worry about hearing back from the interviewer. Give yourself a one week time period to let yourself worry, and then try to move on.

Don’t Cross Social Media Boundaries: Don’t go on a social media rampage right away. While you may want to add your interviewers on LinkedIn or other social media sites, it’s not the best idea. This may cross a boundary for them or give them a bad impression of you right after the interview. Wait for the social media adding until you have secured the job!

Don’t Drop The Ball During a Followup: Following up after an interview is important because it shows that you are reliable and consistent. Double-check to make sure your followup isn’t sloppy, because the hiring person will take note of that. Spell check for typos and make sure you are spelling everyone’s name right and the company name. If your follow-up is neat and free of errors it will show them that you took your time and put thought into it.

Don’t Forget to Send a Thank You: Just like the followup, sending a thank you note or email is a great way to show the employer that you are serious about this position and it will help you make a great impression. Send a thank you email or note within 24 hours of your interview and make sure to proofread it!

After your interview, follow these tips so you can keep your good impression with the employers. You don’t want to have an amazing interview and then put a damper on your impression by forgetting to send a thank you or not following up. From Esquire Recruiting LLC to you: good luck on your interviews!

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The interview process can be scary and nerve-wracking. Making yourself familiar with the following mistakes can help you prepare for your own interview! At Esquire, we interview people daily, so we know how daunting interviews may be! No matter how many interviews you have gone on, there is always room to improve your skills. What mistakes should you avoid during an interview? Continue reading below to find out!

You Don’t Make Eye Contact

In the midst of your nervousness, you might forget to make eye contact with your interviewer. Try your best to avoid this! Making eye contact with them during the course of your interview shows that you are engaged. Eye contact is an easy way to show you are present and being an active listener. Maintaining eye contact, especially during the hard questions, shows your confidence!

You Don’t Have a Good Attitude

Are you too enthusiastic or too monotone? It’s important to find a balance between those two extremes. Being overly enthusiastic can give the interviewer vibes that you are putting on a show. You might not seem sincere if you overcompensate. Avoid being monotone during the interview as well. This can show that you might not be interested in the job or company, which will be a red flag for the interviewer.

You Avoid Tricky Questions

There are so many aspects to interview questions. Make sure you don’t dodge the tricky questions. Answering the hard questions thoroughly can show that you are adaptable and will be able to problem solve. Also, don’t forget to ask the interviewer some questions! If you ask them questions, they will know you care about the position and company, and you will look prepared and be taken seriously.

You Don’t Show Your Personality

Be yourself! While there are many things that aren’t appropriate to say or do, it is important that you show the interviewer who you are. The interviewer needs to know what you are like so they can imagine if you are a good fit for their company or team. Be confident and don’t fidget.

Familiarize yourself with these common mistakes so you don’t make them! Interviews can get easier if you feel prepared and confident.

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