Things to Do in College for a Post-Grad Job

Are you on track to graduate college? College can be a very fun and exciting time, but it is also a time where you can prepare for your future. Today we are discussing some things you can do to make sure your post-grad experience is a smooth one. Continue reading below to find out things you should do while in college to prepare for post-grad!

Get Out of the Classroom: The classroom is a great place to learn extremely useful information, but you will also learn a lot when you step outside of the classroom. Join some extracurricular activities! Every campus has clubs and organizations, whether it’s an art club or a public relations club, you might find something that will be beneficial to your future career. Learning takes place even outside of the classroom. Invest your time in a part-time job on campus, volunteering, or even an internship.

Start Networking: Networking is a great way to get yourself out there. Make a LinkedIn profile and connect with your peers, friends, family, and professors. Make new connections, but also use the connections you already have. Network with friends who graduated and have been in the workforce or maybe even the career you want- chances are they have ample information that is useful. Networking can be difficult for some but start by building friendships and relationships with people.

Find a Mentor: A mentor is a very beneficial person to have on your team. A mentor can be anyone including a friend, family member, boss, or a professor! It may seem scary, but it isn’t as intimidating as you think. Just find a trusted person that you are comfortable talking with. A mentor can provide so much knowledge and help you with things like- resumes, practice interviews, networking, cover letters, etc. A mentor in the field of work that you want to go into is an extra bonus!

Work on Your Resume: Get your resume ready for the job search that follows graduation. Use college as a time to refine and perfect your resume. If you have no idea where to start, don’t be stressed out! Talk with a mentor or professor for help. Every college has a career center, so start there! They can proofread your resume, help you update it, and reformat it.

These are all great ways to get on track for the post-grad life. Post-grad can be an alarming time, utilize these tips to help you feel more at ease about the transitions! Get ahead of the game and do these things to make your college experience great and useful.

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