Traveling for Work: Making the Most of It!

In the same way that almost any industry adapts to technological advances, work trips and traveling requirements change as well! With the new components and benefits to this aspect of your career, it’s important to know how to do it right! Learn how to make the most of your “vacation” here…

  • Be Familiar with Company Policy: Especially if you are applying for a position that requires frequent travel, it is important to look into company policy recovering reimbursement for correlated expenses. Does the organization provide hotel rooms, cars during travel, flight expenses (including baggage), or anything else travel-related? Do your homework so that you never have to find yourself stuff covering expenses you didn’t intend to encounter!
  • Be Proactive: It is likely that you will be required to book your own flight and plan out what you need to successfully make it to your destination. Don’t wait until last minute! The earlier you book, the greater chance you have to choose your seat, confirm your travel itinerary, and get ready for your trip.
    • Hotel: In relation to early flight advantages, hotels will be more accessible if planned ahead as well! Look into hotels and their reviews in advance so that you can ensure your most comfortable stay possible and book a desirable room.
  • Consider TSA Pre-check: How frequently do you find yourself traveling for work (as well as for pleasure)? If you find yourself leaving home fairly often, it is highly valuable to look into becoming certified for TSA pre-check. This will decrease the guaranteed irritation produced by waiting in security lines for hours on end, and will also minimize your time spent at the airport!
    • Extra Tip: Almost always try to fit everything onto a carry on for minimal day trips! The less checked belongings, the lower the chance of having a bag lost containing clothing, toiletries, or company related materials you may need.
  • Plan Ahead! We’ve all been there. Ready and waiting at the airport just to find out that our flight has been canceled at the last minute. Being cognizant of this unfortunate potential will help you be prepared for the worst…bring snacks, any work materials you could get a head start on, a charger for your laptop or cell phone, and anything to help you pass the time and get on the soonest flight.
  • Impressing Clients: If part of your travel obligation requires entertaining and impressing a client, look into restaurants and activities in the area! After all, you will likely enjoy the evening as much as your client. Doing some quick research or scanning through a reservation application will help you secure the best meal and evening possible!
  • Take Account of Extra Time: If you are afforded the opportunity for some extra hours to relax or explore, research the city you are visiting in advance! Plan out some potential excursions, food stops, or anything to help you enjoy some time to yourself and to take advantage of your mini vacation!

Companies are becoming more and more generous about the reimbursements they provide employees regarding travel expenses. For this reason, traveling for work is becoming more and more enjoyable! Following these tips will help you make the most out of any work traveling experience.

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