Unproductive Weekend Habits

As the work week is coming to a close and the weekend is nearing, today we are going to talk about things that unproductive people do over their weekend. While you may just want to relax after a long week of work, it’s important to still be productive. Continue reading below to find out what unproductive people do and why you should avoid these behaviors!

Forget to Schedule/Use Their Planner: Just because it is the weekend doesn’t mean you should neglect a routine! You don’t need to have every single second planned out, but use your schedule so you have an idea of what your weekend will look like. In fact, even schedule in your downtime or when you plan on binge-watching your favorite shows.

Don’t Spend Time with Loved Ones: During the busy work week, it’s easy to ignore a phone call from your family or a friend. Make sure you are taking the time over the weekend to catch up with friends and family. Those relationships are important and help remind you that work isn’t everything.

Let Technology Take Over: While there is way more time over the weekend to catch up on your social media, make sure that’s not all you’re doing with your free time. Turn off your phone for a while and relax, and more importantly shut off your work email. Take the time that you would normally spend on your phone and read a book or go for a walk. Technology can be addicting and our mind needs a cleanse from it occasionally.

Sleeping Too Much: It’s nice to sleep in every once in awhile, but try to give yourself only one day over the weekend to do that. If you are sleeping for most of the time you will mess up your sleep cycle, which won’t be fun once Monday hits.

Stressed Out: If you are consistently feeling stressed out over the weekend, then you have too much on your plate! Don’t pack too many activities or projects into the two days you have off. Make sure that you still keep a schedule, but give yourself time to rest and unwind!

Too Comfortable with Time off: While we all need to rest and recharge, it’s important that we don’t just laze around the whole weekend. By Sunday night, you should start planning your upcoming week so you are prepared and can be productive!

These are all unproductive habits to avoid. Use your weekend to rest and feel refreshed, but don’t go overboard. Too much of sleep, relaxation, and downtime can make someone feel restless. Try to learn your limits and find ways that help you feel recharged and rested.

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