What to Do if Your Company is Acquired

One of the many goals of Esquire Recruiting LLC is to prepare professionals to achieve success in the workforce. Unfortunately, a central part of your career may revolve around the day you find out that your company is being acquired. While there is a solid chance that you will remain unaffected, we’re here to teach you ways to prepare and stay on top of this type of situation.

  • Evaluate: This is an important time to ask yourself several questions… What is your role in the company? Are you replaceable? What sets you aside (as a performer, employee, etc.)? What would the company lose without you? In the event that companies are acquiring more employees on both sides, there is a chance that your position is up for replacement. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you get ahead and stay aware.
  • Begin Searching for New Positions: If answering those questions caused you to fear for your position, this is a logical time for you to begin a job hunt. It is better to begin your search now than wait in the event that you are let go without the stability of a back-up transition opportunity.
  • Stand Out: It is easy to feel intimidated by the potential of significant change. Although you may feel comfortable in your current routine, showcasing your adaptability, focus, and dedication to your employer will help you stand out as a reliable and valuable employee! Remember, change is nearly unavoidable, so embracing it with a positive mindset is the smartest way to showcase your value. 
  • Be Aware of Benefit Changes: There is a chance that being acquired has relatively no effect on your benefits package. However, as this is may not be the case, it is important to look into the changes that are about to take place. What does this mean for your 401(k), vacation time, time off, health care or dental care packages, etc.? Knowing the answer to these questions may assist you in your assessment of staying with your current company.
  • Prepare for Uncertainty: We know that uncertainty may provoke stress and anxiety. However, mentally preparing yourself for this transition will allow you to maintain composure when faced with the event. Allowing yourself to become comfortable with the idea of change will allow you to embrace it and ultimately stand out amongst those who are unable to accept this transition with the same level of ease.
  • Maintain a Social Outlook: Embracing change comes with meeting new coworkers, leaders, and potential managers. We highly encourage you to fight the feeling of curling up and hiding and instead embrace your social outlook and make efforts to create relationships with these new people! You never know who may be sitting on the new desk next to you or acting as your new supervisor. Creating new connections will undoubtedly assist you in maintaining value as an employee.

We hope you find comfort in understanding that companies are acquired each and every day. There are millions of professional employees who have found themselves in the same position as you may be in. More importantly, if you are worried about obtaining a new position, we’re here to help!

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