Company Benefits: All You Need to Know!

With all companies continuing to expand their benefits packages, it is extremely important to understand what they mean and why they are so important! Learn about several of the many benefits a company may offer here!

  • 401K: It’s never a bad time to begin thinking about your future, especially your life upon retirement! Firms may offer a “match” to your 401K, meaning that they will match some portion of the money you put into your 401K throughout the year (up to a certain limit). This benefit will impact your future immensely and is vital to check for before accepting a position!
  • Vacation and PTO: I’m sure we can all agree that no one wants to spend every day of their year in their office! For that reason, look into the number of vacation days your organization will allow, and if they offer paid time off (PTO).
  • Amenities: As a company employee, you are nearly guaranteed to be spending a great portion of your time in your office building. For that reason, look into potential amenities that your firm or office building offers. Do they provide a gym for exercise? Are there coffee shops or a cafe?
  • Office: An x-factor of any office is there atmosphere and physical appearance. A great benefit of any building is their updated supplies (whether this is their computers, copy machines, chairs, etc.). How does your potential new office choose to present themselves?
  • Transportation Vouchers: If you are considering accepting a new position and it is relatively far from your home, take time to research the opportunity to receive a transportation voucher. Organizations provide their employees with an allowance to cover a portion of their transportation to and from work each day. Will this change your perspective and willingness to accept a position?
  • Sign on Bonus: If a company is not offering you your target salary, will they provide a bonus upon signing? This may be a largely altering factor over an employees decision to accept an offer. Check into this and don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter.
  • Short Review Period: If you are accepting a position that may be slightly lower than your target standing, look into an opportunity to engage in a short review period. Some firms may offer the opportunity for an employee to receive review and potential promotion after a short period (around 6 months). Will this change your opinion about accepting a position?
  • Hours and Flex Hours, Working Remote: With the infinitely differentiating lifestyles of people, it is crucial for companies to consider offering flexible hours and remote positions. If this is a consideration for you (whether this concerns child care, education commitments, or other conflicts), look into your companies hour policy. Instead of working 9-5, will they offer you an 8-4 position? Is there a potential of splitting time as a remote and in-office worker?
  • Additives: A great benefit that companies offer to their employee is additional supplements in order for them to complete their work most efficiently. This may entail a company computer, cell phone, or even a car. If there is a need for any of these utilities in your life, make sure to look into this policy!

While a company benefits package may not be the deciding factor in your acceptance, they sure do help! We hope you will take these components into all future considerations!

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