When to Rebrand

Happy Thursday and the almost end to an already shortened holiday work-week! To wrap up our mini new-logo series, we asked ourselves the following question,… why did we decide to rebrand? If you are asking yourselves the same thing, or are wondering how we made our decision to embark on this new journey, keep reading to find out!

The Purpose of a Brand…

With COVID-19 on the consistent rise, and many social justice movements creating the landscape for our 2020 experiences, we saw it best that we take a moment to step back and reassess our business. Doing so first manifested itself in a much-needed pause – not only did we understand that the current atmosphere called for those voices most affected by recent events, but we became aware of the misalignment between our blog messages and those messages which deserved center stage. In the midst of this self-analyzation, one message became abundantly, and internally clear: it’s time for a rebrand. Keep reading to find out the three pillars that guided our decision and what took place after…

  • Audience Appeal: As you each have evolved through your career and as candidates, so has Esquire! We came to the understanding that, in order to stay aligned with our audience, it would be necessary that our growth was reflected with a new logo and brand design. With this physical update, our audience will better connect to our brand “vibe,” appearance, and message. We also hoped that in doing so, we will be able to continue to maintain differentiation from our competitors, especially during a time where saturation as a result of technology dependence and virtual work is on the rise.
  • Design: After the hypothetical piece of the puzzle was complete, we moved into redesigning the logo! This required our partnership with a creative firm, who introduced us to a variety of color and font choices, as well as applications of each as they would appear as holistic fonts on websites, business cards, or other components of our brand. Designing the logo was so much fun! We made sure to engage each employee at the company and even hold a few competitions to find out the crowd favorite… which of course played into our final decision!
  • Refresh, Relaunch, Re-Engage: We hope that in doing so, we’ve been able to re-engage our audience through our relaunch… and also refresh our message and brand moving forward. It is crucial to evolve your brand with time as well as your audience! We also hope that in doing so we may be able to engage and meet some new faces and friends!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning the behind the scenes of what went into our new logo formulation! Make sure to comment on any of our social media posts with additional questions, opinions, or suggestions that you may have.

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