Font Selection

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope that with this new week comes a sense of rejuvenation from the long, Labor Day weekend. Today, we’re here to continue on in our mini new logo presentation series… and we’re tackling…font selection! Why does choosing a certain font matter to your business? Which fonts send which messages? What type of message are you hoping to send? Answer all of these questions and you own below!

Impact of Font Selections…

  • Brand: What your font ultimately showcases to your target audience is what your brand is all about. Whether you seek to be seen as reliable, strong, innovative, creative, entrepreneurial, or exotic, certain fonts will serve as the tools to do so.
    • Extra Tip: Fabrik brands share an awesome analysis of a variety of famous companies you’re sure to recognize and what message their fonts elicit about their brand! Click here to read more…
  • While these aren’t typical fonts used in company-wide logos, we’ve chosen to break down fonts often used in daily life, resumes, blogs, or articles written on social media platforms.
    • Arial: Arial and Times New Roman have existed as, and continue to receive recognition for their traditional look and appearance, as well as their universal acceptance. If you’re nervous about stepping out of the norm, stick to one of these to maintain a sleek, polished, and classic look!
    • Times New Roman: As we mentioned above, Times New Roman is consistently a reliable font! However, in terms of standing out or making an impact, this choice may not be your best.
    • Helvetica: Helvetica is another timeless font! Although differentiated from Arial and Times New Roman, Helvetica is a tasteful, fantastic option for someone looking to maintain a classic look while still branching out.
    • Calibri: As the new default typeface in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Calibri is making waves and growing immensely in popularity! We recommend considering this font as it is clearly a current preference of employers and technological engineers alike. Calibri is modern, cool, and becoming a quick favorite!
    • Georgia: Georgia is another font that proves classic but cool! With a little spin and curvature around the edges, Georgia is a great font for showing personality while maintaining an attractive and professional vibe on your resume.
    • Extra Options: Cambria, Gill Sans, Gill Sans Light, Garamond, Didot, Book Antiqua, Trebuchet MS, or Verdana!

If you’re reading this article and pondering if this may be the right time for your company to reassess your current logo and potentially pursue a new one, this is a great point where you will benefit from looping in a creative team to assist you in doing so! Creating a custom look, unreplicated by your competitors will set you aside in terms of professionalism, and also as it refers to your brand message.

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