4 Ways to Be The Best At Meetings

Meetings are usually an inevitable part of any job. They can happen in big conference rooms or they can happen over conference calls. There isn’t one specific way to hold a meeting, but there are many ways to dominate them.  Continue reading below to find out our 4 tips on being the best in meetings!

Be Respectful of Time: Tip number 1 is to always respect your colleagues and their time. Meetings aren’t everyone’s favorite and there’s definitely no time to be wasted! Thank your colleagues for taking time out of their schedule to meet and save the small talk for later.

Don’t Over Chat: Don’t talk to the point where no one else can get a word in, and also don’t let anybody do that either. If someone loves to talk and tries to dominate the conversation, just remind everyone that you need to stick to an agenda. Thank them for their comment, and move onto the next topic.

Minimize Distractions: It may be tempting to sit in a meeting and reply to your emails or scroll on social media, but these are all very distracting tasks. If possible, put technology away for the meeting. Paying attention to your colleagues is something that they will notice and appreciate. Try to keep the distractions to a minimum.

Prepare: If you have the meeting agenda, go over it before the meeting. Prepare yourself and any documents you may need to bring. Gather your thoughts and speaking points before so you know what you are walking into. This will help you feel more confident about going into the meeting and you will be very prepared.

These tips will help you feel better about meetings and dominate them! There are so many things you can do to make meetings successful and productive… check out some other ones here!

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