5 Tips for A Great Interview

At Esquire Recruiting, LLC we know that interviews are an integral part of the job search. We want your job interviews to go well so you can land that dream job! Today we are going to discuss some different tips and methods for making your job interview a success. Continue reading below to find out what those are!

  1. The recruiter or hiring manager wants to hire you. Your resume was picked out of a stack of hundreds of other resumes and you were selected for the interview. This means they think of you as a serious candidate. Have confidence going into the interview and keep your spirits high, the hiring manager wants you to be the one so they can move forward with their job.
  2. Be confident. Confidence is key for an interview. The hiring manager wants to know that you gracefully carry yourself. Your body language is a good indicator of whether or not you are confident. Make sure you do not slouch when sitting and don’t lean to the side or back in the chair. Sit properly and maintain good posture!
  3. Instead of humble bragging, simply brag. Brag about yourself! Get straight to it in the interview. Be assertive when you are talking about your best qualities and sell yourself! An interview is a perfect place to toot your own horn. The hiring manager wants to know how you see yourself and what our best qualities are.
  4. Tell your story. Everyone loves a story and it will be easier for the hiring manager to remember you. Practice the story of your career and make sure it has a clear beginning, middle, and end. This will help so it doesn’t become confusing for the hiring manager to follow. If you tell your career story well, they will remember you and they will think of you in a positive light.
  5. Unleash your personality. While you want to remain professional during an interview, let loose a little bit! A hiring manager is most likely conducting a ton of interviews each day. They may get bored or tired because of mundaneness and repetition. By letting your personality shine through you are giving them a glimpse of who you truly are.

You are guaranteed to improve your interviews with these strategies! Click here to learn more about successful interviews and tricky questions!

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