Are you Marketable? Take our Quiz!

Happy Monday everyone! We hope that, as we have, you have each taken the last week to evaluate the current events within our nation while working to educate yourselves on such important matters. We feel that it is now an appropriate time to resume our “normal” content whilst continuing to recognize movements such as #BLM as we work to become allies to the black community. So, today we’re here to offer you a short 5-question quiz to help you evaluate whether you’re a marketable candidate to recruiters like us!

Are you Marketable?

  1. Tone and first correspondence?
    • The tone of the first correspondence you have with a recruiter will set the “vibe” of your relationship. As we seed through thousands of candidates each day, it is essential that you write a polished email, without any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors, and with a tone that will paint you as a warm and excited candidate for whichever job you’re applying to. Tools like Grammarly and spell check have made this as easy as possible – so make sure you’re double-checking every word!
  2. Brief but exciting content?
    • Leave us hooked! While it would be impossible to read through dozens of paragraphs and a biography on each candidate, we are hoping that you will be able to integrate short blurbs about who you are outside of your work. Do you watch a certain TV show? Like to cook? Have a favorite hobby or exercise regime? If so, make sure to touch on your personality by leaving little hooks about who you are and how we can relate on a personal level.
  3. Cover letter errors?
    • As we noted on the content of emails, always make sure that your cover letter is error-free. When piecing through dozens of resumes each day, it is unfortunately all too easy to eliminate a candidate as a result of a few mistakes on a page. This is an easy slip-up to avoid – so keep a close eye on your content!
  4. Well-formatted and well-marketed resume?
    • We will absolutely be touching on this note as it expands to full future articles, but to leave you with a short-and-sweet tip – make sure your resume is user-friendly, well-formatted, easy-to-follow, and tailored to the job you are applying for. Making sure to recognize and emphasize experience that will best equip you for the given role is crucial to standing out as a well-prepared candidate.
  5. Personal nature?
    • In the same way that your tone will help you represent who you are, noting short personal accolades or accomplishments will help recruiters to understand what you value in your professional or personal life.

So, how’d you score?

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