Where We Search!

Hello everyone! We hope that you each enjoyed a bit of a long weekend and some extra allowance for relaxation as we continue to stay at home during this time. Today, we’re hoping to elaborate on a few of the strategies, activities, and even recipes we offered last week by teaching you a bit about “where we search” for our resources. If you are someone who’s interested in trying out new things but can’t yet grasp where to start… this article is definitely for you!

Utilizing Social Media…

While Google has always been and continues to be a fantastic outlet for just about any question that comes to your mind, we’re hoping that by chatting a bit about a few different platforms, you may be able to expand your online resource portfolio… So, let’s chat about Social Media!

  • Instagram: As a “Gen-Z” young adult, I have grown up using the Instagram platform to connect with others, as well as learn about things that I didn’t even know I’d be interested in! Instagram offers an endless number of accounts, hashtags, locations, and pages home to a variety of different subjects. If you’re seeking new recipes, looking for other foodies, searching for home decor inspiration, looking for a cute gift, piece of clothing, or jewelry, Instagram is the place for you! Personally, I encourage users to search hashtags or users which pertain to their desired topic (i.e.: “#vegetarianrecipe”) – doing so will open your eyes to hundreds of thousands of new resources!
  • LinkedIn: Specifically, regarding networking tips and different business practices, LinkedIn is an unmatched platform of professional advice and resources. Again, using hashtags or searching accounts which are in line with the topics you hope to explore will connect you with the best resources.
  • Pinterest: A personal favorite for searching arts and crafts, recipes, or home decoration and room inspiration, Pinterest is an everchanging community of humans seeking to help other humans! Again, use the search bar to explore just about any topic you can imagine; from there, you will be directed to a multitude of articles and redirections to personal blogs, lifestyle pages, and others interested in your same hobbies.

With the extent of online resources at your fingertips, now is a better time than ever to try out a new recipe, activity, craft, or hobby. Identifying the strengths of each social media platform through this article will help you accomplish your goal in no time!