Changes at Work: What You Should Know

With any professional career comes the necessity to adapt to an ever-changing environment, both in regards to your surroundings and external factors. It’s is crucial to be aware of some of the most common changes that you will encounter, as your reaction may very well set you apart from the rest of your coworkers. Keep reading to find out about some of the most frequently occurring changes within firms that will affect you and your responsibilities.

  • New Boss: It is likely that, at some point, you will be faced with a new supervisor or direct report. Regardless of who this person is, it is highly important to conduct an analysis of their behavior, personality, and attributes right away. By doing so, you will be able to compare yourself and identify similarities and weaknesses. Playing on those similarities and complementary qualities will aid you in creating a healthy, strong relationship right away!
  • Promotion: We hope that each of you will be able to experience the excitement that comes with being promoted at some point in your career! Upon achieving this goal, make sure to quickly assess your new responsibilities so that you can stay ahead of the game. It is also crucial to use this time to identify changes in regards to who you will be working with. Begin creating those new relationships as soon as possible. You may even benefit from conducting a job shadow or meeting with the person who previously held the position beforehand.
  • Culture Shift: If the company you are working for is reconstructing their culture or atmosphere, it is worthwhile for you to conduct a reflection of how your preferred methods match up with the new environment. While it is easy to feel adverse to change and try to avoid it, we highly encourage you not to do so! If you have questions about changes, reach out to managers, supervisors, or even coworkers. You are a key component of your firm and deserve to be included in any organizational shifts.
  • Physical Relocating: This change may come in two forms: your own position relocating, or the entire company moving to a new location or building. Be aware of this and try to gauge the chance of this happening during your interview process to make sure that you are not faced with any unforeseen surprises. 
  • Layoffs or Downsizing: An inevitable fear of any professional is the chance of their organization initiating layoffs or being forced to downsize. Always be conscious of warning signs, pay attention to the company’s overall performance, forecasts, and strategic plans. If the firm seems to be losing revenue or decreasing sales, this may be an indicator to start searching for a new position. However, if you are ever faced with a layoff or are a victim of downsizing, know that you are among millions of others and you will get back on your feet!
  • Accquisitions: The company you are employed by may eventually be acquired by another, or may acquire another one. Either way, with these changes comes the chance of combining similar departments, creating new workforce teams, and relocating. Opportunities like these can also be foreseen by conducting research consistently and staying in-the-know about your company’s plans.

These are just some of several changes at work that could affect your day-to-day role, responsibilities, or obligations. Make sure to be aware of various environments that will encourage different types of changes. Always make sure to keep an open mind, as some of the most daunting changes conjure the greatest results!

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