Choosing Color Schemes

Hello everyone! We are so happy to be back to continue explaining our new logo transformation and processes. Today, we’re here to explain the importance of color coordination as it relates to logo building and the message sent simultaneously to followers… so why did we choose our new colors? Keep reading to find out!

The Importance of Color Wheels…

  • Company Tone and “Vibe”: Above all else, different color combinations and schemes apply to different demographics of people. Whether that depend on academic major or career pursuit, age, gender, or any other personal factor, it is clear that the way a company physically presents themselves and their associated colors will appeal to different groups. With that being said, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your target audience so as to maximize your physical appeal.
  • Customization: With technology comes an inevitable rise in market saturation. And with that, comes blurred images of companies amongst candidates and consumers. For that reason, it is also crucial that your organization prioritize customization within their color schemes. In fact, within Microsoft word, it is easy to formulate exact, unique color combinations within the font color tool. Never heard of what we’re talking about? Read this article to see an exact tutorial of how to achieve your preferred color code in Word here!
  • Curb Appeal: In addition to setting the “vibe” of your company on paper, colors also often elicit different feelings. For example, the color dark blue symbolizes stability, depth, and expertise. If you’ve ever wondered why McDonald’s has a certain coloration, Apple, Microsoft, or even Amazon, we can promise you that each of those logos was deeply analyzed so as to best address company needs and appeal to their target consumer demographics. As a recruiting company, we may not want to elicit the same feeling of hunger as would a restaurant, can you figure out why we chose the colors we did?

In the digital age, it has never been more important than to differentiate, build, and achieve growth within your company as well as its online presence. Achieving the exact color scheme to match your logo and company mission will prove the key to your exposure and eventual success.

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