Leaving Your Job the Proper Way

A topic that bosses often do not teach their employees is how to leave their current position within their company. Not so surprising. For that reason, we know how nerve-racking it can be to try and quit your position in the pursuit of another job. Follow these steps we are about to teach you and we can nearly ensure that you will be leaving your current firm on good terms!

Effective Communication:

When you are leaving a company for a new job, you must keep your boss “in the know.” By doing so, you should solidify the date in which you submit your two-week notice. It is unacceptable and widely recognized as unprofessional to leave a position abruptly. By informing your boss and whomever else it may concern two weeks in advance of your departure, you are allowing them a large enough sum of time to prepare for your exit. Whether this includes allocating people to cover your work, beginning the search for a new hire to replace you, or communicating which responsibilities you are expected to complete before you leave, your firm deserves time to plan, which will ultimately help you to be able to exit smoothly.

Extra Note: It is super important to also keep your coworkers in the loop! Inform them about your plans to leave in the same way you did so your boss. By doing so, you will maintain an open and honest relationship with each of them.

Communication Continued:

With the digital age upon us, it is easy to rely on “comfortable” communication methods like emailing and texting. However, when you are formally informing your boss that you are preparing to quit your job, you are expected to do so in person. Although speaking face-to-face may be intimidating, we can assure you that a boss appreciates the additional effort, care, and time it takes to set up an in-person meeting. Communicating this way will improve your chance of maintaining a great relationship with the organization.

Lead Up:

In the days leading up to you leaving, we strongly encourage you to maintain the same energy, dedication, and motivation you showcased within the first few weeks of your role. Although you may be departing from the company, you are expected to be a committed employee until your very last moment. Additionally, this is another way to ensure you will leave on good terms with your company. When your boss and coworkers see that you still care about your position until the very end, they will respect and admire you for your effort.

Extra Tip: During the weeks leading up to your departure, make sure to thank each member of the company who has helped you in any way during your time spent there. Whether this includes mentors, coworkers, or bosses, be sure to express your gratitude in-person to each employee. There is no better way to maintain a positive relationship then by conveying your appreciation.


Sometimes, companies are able to replace a position before their employee actually leaves the company. if you are in that situation, offer your assistance to the person taking over your position, and inform your boss that you are willing to do so. For example, if your replacement is able to come in for a day of shadowing you, the transition between you leaving and her arriving will go much more smoothly, and she will be able to become accustomed to the company much more quickly. Teach your replacement the in’s and out’s of the company that you learned over your time spent there, and you will be helping your boss out immensely!


Furthermore, it is always a great idea to maintain communication with your company once you leave. Doing so can be as easy as a biannual email checking in with the company, your boss, and even giving a quick update about your current work. Even if this seems meaningless, it can truly help if you are ever in need of a reference, and it is always more helpful to have a preserve relationship with your ex-boss over a negative or nonexistent one.

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