Consistency is Key! Series 3

Series 3 is ready for you! If you’ve been reading, and you’ve set your SMART goals for 2021 and considered the correct strategies through which to grow a professional or personal following, then today we’re here to guide you through our golden rule: social media consistency. Why does consistency contribute to your following, reach, and growth? Keep reading to find out…

The Ultimate Key: Consistency

  • Reliability: The first component of consistency and its correlated benefit is that you are created a sense of reliability among your followers. Whether you post motivational content, resources, brand affiliate links, or otherwise provide some semblance of value to your following, they come to rely on you for continuously new and profound information! So, if you go “off the web” without any prior indication and after posting for a consistent time period, you’re sure to confuse your following and message. So, set a frequency for your posts that you can adhere to (weekly, daily, biweekly, etc.), and follow that rhythm until you can either increase or shift entirely!
  • Brand Message Solidification: Another benefit of posting content consistently to platforms of your choosing is in solidifying the goals, visions, values, and overall messaging from your brand and its product. Take this example, if you visited a company profile on Instagram and could only see 2 in-feed posts would you understand their brand? Now, what if the brand was built with highlights, reels, IGTV content, in addition to 100+ in-feed and permanent posts… now we’re talking! Of course, we understand that building to this point takes time, but the benefit, in the long run, will match your personal effort to help make the brand the best it can be.
  • Personal Accountability: Ultimately, let’s think about why consistency matters, not only for your followers and external branding but for you! As we enter the new year, it is more crucial than ever to meeting goals that you set small performance indicators and measures of accountability. Adhering to goals for consistency is a great way to create a sense of pride on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as you work to the huge long-term goal of building an influential following!

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