Understanding Your Demographic

Hi guys! We are BACK for another series in our 5 part endeavor to teach you about professional and personal branding. Today, we’re here to help teach you what it means to understand your demographic, how to cater messages to these people, and why it matters to the success of your brand. Keep reading to find out!

Demographics Indicators

Primarily, demographics will help indicate which content to create on your brand page, which products will serve your consumer’s needs, and ultimately will direct the course of your overall brand. If your demographic is showing (in analytical components of all social media profiles!) that you are serving mainly females, in the Midwest region, who are aged 15-25, think about where these women are at in the course of their personal and professional lives. Are they getting married? Having children? Achieving career promotions? Going back to or entering into new education endeavors? Going to the beach? The obvious answer to a few questions will be YES! and NO! So, as you create helpful content like Q&A sessions, interviews, blogs, swipe-up links, product recommendations, or product offerings, make sure that each would make “sense” and fit in seamlessly to these people’s lives. Above all else, you want to consistently provide VALUE to your consumers!

Demographic Qualities on Platforms

As you know, different generations of tech users veer towards different platform uses. Take a moment to think about Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and Twitter. Which of those apps are currently downloaded on your phone? Which are used? Which do you open to seek new products, learn about services, purchase goods, etc.? Now,… think about your parents… is the answer the same for them? What about your older or younger siblings? Your manager? All types of people seek all types of information online, so run an extensive search to understand how consumers treat different platforms to align your brand with the correct social channel.

  • A quick example: Pinterest users have exemplified the highest purchasing intent in comparison to ANY other platform! So, if you are producing face masks, recipes, home decor, or other products that users look to purchase right away or extract resources from, this is a great platform for YOU!

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