Esquire’s Motivators and Activities at Home

Welcome back! Today, we’re continuing with Monday’s series focusing on our employees and their favorite recipes, motivators, and activities to stay busy while WFH. Keep reading here to obtain more ideas about activities you can try out at home!

Favorite Hobbies at Home…

  • Laura McDermott finds motivators in helping people, working with others to improve their interview and job search skills, being a role model to her children, and balancing a job she loves with the rest of life. Her hobbies and favorite activities surround rollerblading, cooking with kids, walking, and playing “online” canasta with her friends!
  • Shay Fischer loves gardening, hiking, outdoor biking, and exercising with her daughter. However, she’s also been able to keep busy with lots of cleaning and reorganizing around the house!
  • Amy Altman finds that her days are kept very busy by her 4-year-old and 1-year-old; she tries to find new fun and creative ways to keep her 4-year-old entertained by teaching him things like letters and numbers, as well as art and science projects. She’s also been working with him on learning to ride his bike and helping her 1-year-old to learn to walk; she takes her kids on very long walks every day to all different places where they are able to explore parts of their town that they have never been to or seen before.
    • She’s even managed to cram in working out through the peloton app as much as possible!
  • Hannah McDermott has been exploring new books and genres, such as The Last Mrs. Parrish, and Educated. She loves trying new recipes and trends from online platforms and social media channels!

A Special Note from our CEO…

“While this has clearly been the most tragic experience of my lifetime and perhaps for both generations before and after, I have taken full advantage of the home sheltering time to improve my “handyman” skills.  I found that after purchasing a power screwdriver, no home improvement project was beyond my ability. In the past few weeks, I have tackled everything on my “to do” list as well as those bigger projects that I would have hired outside help to get done.  There is not enough time to list every task I have accomplished but I am most proud of; repairing my outside fence, installing 4 new light fixtures, repairing closet doors, and finishing the rehab of my basement.  When not doing repairs, I have been working out on my Peloton bike, experimenting with new recipes, and spending tons of quality time with my wife, daughter’s, and English cream golden. Not all has been lost during Coronavirus but I must admit to my anxiousness for a return to some form of normalcy.” – Scott Fischer

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