Exploring the US!

As a college student, I have felt a desire to explore different areas of the United States on numerous occasions. After all, internship experience is now treated as a near necessity of achieving a job post-graduation, so what better time to step out of your comfort zone than during a temporary summer period? Keep reading to find out some of the benefits of stepping outside of your regular environment here…

Traveling for the Summer…

  • Temporary Commitment: As we noted above, the benefit of knowing that your “new life” has an expiration date can be, at times upsetting, but often a great relief and motive to explore. Most internships span 10 or 12 weeks, a time period long enough to allow you to gauge what it would be like to live permanently in a new city or state, but short enough to be able to cope with an environment that may have been different than you’d hoped. There are few other times in your life where you will have the ability to escape your regular life for a short time frame, so make sure to keep this opportunity in mind when navigating different roles!
  • Developing Independence: While college is undoubtedly a phenomenal resource which allows student to experience independence for the first time, living on your own in a different city will provide even more opportunities for maturity and growth. Likely, you will be placing yourself in an environment without the cushion of dozens of friends, familiar professors and buildings, and even restaurants and coffee shops! For that reason, you may find yourself with new, unexpected responsibilities and opportunities: navigating grocery shopping, finding outlets of relaxation, new exercise routes or studios, seeking new friendships or mentors, etc. This is an amazing time to put your skills to the test!
  • Dream Company: At least in my experience, I’ve found that some of my “dream” companies are located solely in California, New York, Austin, etc. So, if leaving your hometown for one summer may allow you to pursue your absolute dream role, this is the time to do so! Not only will working for a company that you’re passionate about make the summer more enjoyable and fun, but it may allow you to explore an area of the U.S. that you hadn’t even previously considered!

We hope that after reading this you are more confident in each opportunity you are presented with. After all, each summer is only a temporary time commitment! So, the pros absolutely outweigh the cons in this situation. Good luck and happy recruiting!

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