Expressing Gratitude Today

Even though Veteran’s Day was yesterday, we’re here to remind you of the importance of expressing gratitude for the people around you on a daily basis. It’s crucial to remember that outside of the silly challenges of everyday life, and even the greatest obstacles, the relationships with the people you love hold the power to guide you through the dark times and elevate the light times. Keep reading to hear some of our favorite ways to express gratitude today…

Expressing Gratitude

    1. Remind Someone That You Care! There’s no greater way to show gratitude than by telling someone, in person, that you appreciate all that they do for you. In the midst of the digital age, it’s easy to thank people through emails, text, or even phone calls, but one of our most valued ways to express gratitude is in person.
    2. Suprise a Coworker with Coffee: Now that we’re working behind a screen and without the presence of others, it’s more important than ever to maintain relationships with your coworkers. While coffee may not take a physical form, surprising someone with a virtual gift card to a coffee shop is a great way to not only encourage an individual to take a breath of fresh air and get outside, but to grab a treat along the way.
    3. Pay for the Person Behind You: The next time you find yourself at a coffee or sandwich shop, double your bill for the person behind. With such a surprise and act of kindness, you are guaranteed to make that person’s day!
    4. Clear Your Schedule for Someone Special: This may be a parent, spouse, child, close friend, or even a mentor. Regardless of the relationship, find a day to completely clear your schedule on their behalf. Although our “days” may not look like they used to, taking a long walk, binging a Netflix show, or cooking dinner with company is a great way to showcase to someone that they’re your priority.
    5. Leave an Extra Tip: Especially in places where the bill doesn’t run very high, leave a tip larger than you regularly would! We can guarantee you that your extra note of gratitude will go a very long way. Especially during a time blanketed by job uncertainty, “donating” a few extra dollars to a server or anyone who assists you throughout the day is a great way to pass kindness forward and make a positive impact.

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One of the greatest ways to show gratitude for yourself… learn how to stay well-rounded while working!