Final Rounds and Candidate’s Day!

Hello friends! Today, we’re here to wrap-up our interview series by teaching you about what to expect during final round interviews and candidate’s day celebrations. You might have heard this term in other formats like “Super Day,” but we’re essentially referring to the final group of interviews that (in normal times) might mean you visiting the company headquarters, spending multiple hours on zoom, speaking to several employees, etc. Keep reading to find out how to nail it…

Final Round and Super Day!


Above all, the environment and your surroundings will heavily impact your connection to the interview as well as your portrayal as a candidate. We encourage you to rent an office space, library room, or clear out an apartment so as to avoid any unforeseen noises and distractions. If you are able to attend a final round or super day event in person, then we encourage you to arrive at least 10-15 minutes ahead of the start time so as to afford yourself a moment to settle down, mentally prepare, use the restroom and otherwise solidify your presence ahead of entering the room. Additionally, if you find that a cup of coffee provides you that boost of energy, a candle will elevate your “vibe,” or even a snack will bring you a sense of ease, then prep your at home “office” (can be a bedroom!) with these essentials to assist you as to progress through the day.


We may sound like a broken record, but it’s worth reiterating once more that additional practice will always assist you in standing out continuously as you progress through the interview process! Reaching out to employees or colleagues who have experienced similar interviews in the past, gathering information, using online resources and communications platforms, and otherwise becoming a “sponge” on all available information will help you become best prepared to make it to the end. It’s crucial to keep practicing that elevator pitch in the mirror, and even get ready to potentially speak to a panel of employees or interns or even other candidates in a group interview setting!


Our final point will focus on your presence as a candidate. Do you capture the room? Do you compliment the energy around you? Are you aware of the appropriate amount of participation in a group setting? Are you smiling and maintain a positive tone and body language? Are you thankful and gracious of your interviewers’ times? All of these components of your interview, in addition to your qualifications and answers, will serve to set you apart from other candidates at the same phase of the journey. So, practice your smile and handshake on family and friends, your eye contact in the mirror, and your answer in a short recording to solidify how you portray yourself to others!

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