Offer Acceptance!

Happy Monday you all! Are you in the final stages of interviewing?! Thinking about accepting a job?! Here’s how to go about it with professional etiquette, preparation, and poise. Keep reading to find out all of our tips and tricks…

Express Appreciation

Immediately after your interview concludes, and regardless of the outcome of your journey, we encourage you to continue showing gratitude to all employees who assisted you in this process. Writing a follow-up email, handwritten letter, and absolutely saying thank you before your interview concludes is a fantastic way to set yourself up for success. Expressing appreciation and excitement will set the tone off the right way, especially if your next step is negotiating.

Time Length

Maintain awareness of important timelines regarding your offer acceptance. Once you receive the formal written letter (either through email or sent to your permanent address), take a meaningful amount of time to review the terms, conditions, benefits, compensation, and all aspects of what your role will include. Doing so may take a few days, and that’s okay! Make sure to continue communicating with the hiring manager, maintain transparency, and proceed when you’re comfortable and ready.


After reviewing the offer, there’s a chance that you may see negotiating as an important strategy to hammer out all of the minuscule details or compensation in the form of salary, PTO, benefits, etc. Whether you value a 401K plan, health insurance coverage, or a few extra days off each year will be a completely personal and unique assessment of your own career and future mindest. Remember, there’s no better time to achieve the exact offer that you want than right before you accept, so make sure to take advantage of this moment now! Negotiating offers is also crucial to the way you are perceived by your employer – make sure to stay calm, kind, and polite in all environments!

Accepting the Offer

Finally, accept the offer! Write an acceptance letter- if you are corresponding over email, you can also email your letter. In your letter, you need to include a few things. To start, express your gratitude once again and write a thank you for the opportunity. Also, include verbiage stating that you accept the company’s offer (“I formally accept…”). You need to state what title you are accepting and recap the salary and benefits that you both agreed on. Recapping the salary and benefits will help ensure there isn’t any confusion on either side. Lastly, include the date you expect to start!

Ready, set, …. accept!!

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