Second Round Interview Tips

Welcome back from the weekend to all of our lovely followers! We are grateful to be feeling a new sense of beginnings as Spring and its warmth approach the Midwest and hope that you feel the same. Today, we’re here to continue on with our interview series as we take you through initial networking, first-round interviews, and now to second rounds! If you’ve made it to this stage with a company, congratulations! Follow along to best prepare yourself for sustained success below…

Recap: Last week, we pointed out the crucial concepts of maintaining awareness of your: environment, technology connection and performance, preparation, dress, engagement, and tone, and following up after your interview concludes! All of these components stay true to second rounds, with the following additions…

New Steps…

  • Question Complexity and Preparation: Comparing to your first interview, the following continue to increase in difficulty and content. Whether this means you should prepare for a technical question, a case study, a group interview, or even a panel with multiple interviewers at once, know that continuous preparation is essential to making it through these next few steps! We encourage you to use online resources like Glassdoor and other platforms that provide intel on interview processes, chat with your recruiters or hiring managers, and network with others who have experienced the process that you’re in! Collecting all information to best prepare questions is your key to success, so keep on pushing.
  • Length of Interview: As does the complexity of questions and expectations, the length of your interview will likely increase each round as well. So, we encourage you to solidify an effective, quiet, and calming environment to take the interview within. Make sure to set aside extra time to prepare before, get yourself settled and confirm technology accessibility, and wrap up without any outside interruption.
    • Extra Tip: Always always check that you’re in the right time zone ahead of entering the call!
  • More Follow-Ups! Treat these follow-ups the same as you had the first round. This means a personal and detailed thank you letter to each person you spoke with and to all other appropriate parties. Continuing to exemplify gratitude, excitement, and motivation for the role will make you a memorable and reliable candidate in the application pool.

On Thursday, we’ll continue teaching you what “Candidate’s Day,” and “Super Day” may entail as well as final round interviews.

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