Final Series! Do “aesthetics” matter?

Happy Friday everyone! We hope that you’ve enjoyed the shortened week and our 5 part series on the in’s and out’s of building a personal brand. So far we’ve covered how to set SMART goals, the importance of consistency, and understanding your follower demographic – so, what’s left? Today we’re here to explain what an “aesthetic” feed or brand look like and what that means for you.

What is an Aesthetic?

The definition of an aesthetic, according to Google, is both “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty” and “a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.” However, if you’ve heard someone mention #aestheticgoals or a #aestheticfeed on Instagram or another social media platform, then it is likely referring to a profile page with a clear theme that is pleasing to the eye. However, what does that mean? It may include brand photos of your product or service in a consistent matter, adherence to pictures with certain coloring or themes (rainbow, neon, neutral, muted, darker), or nothing at all, and that’s great! By understanding your demographic and who your followers and consumers are, you will be best suited to cater content that will deliver on their perceived preferences. Try looking through some of your follower’s profiles or your analytic data depicting where they are from, what they do, their age, marital status, etc.,… are there similarities?

What is YOUR Aesthetic?

So, now that you understand the definition of an aesthetic, how can you apply it to your personal or professional brand, your products, your service, your mission, goals, or vision?! Well, that’s the best part! Because no aesthetic between to social profiles can be the same, and the unique qualities that set your brand aside from others are your ultimate key to success. What beauty or artistry looks like to you will not be the same as someone else, but it will please the consumers seeking to purchase your products and build brand loyalty! We encourage you to follow the tips below as you begin to envision how to create an aesthetic on your profile:

  • What color is your product’s packaging? Do these color(s) guide the brand message? Carry meaning or symbolism?
  • What do your followers do in their free time? Can you incorporate their hobbies into your content? Place your products in convenient places to provide ideas for use?
  • Do you LIKE the look of an aesthetic? Does it come off as genuine or not for your specific product or service? Do you prefer a more “organic” looking feed? Do you prefer to plan out posts far in advance?

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