First-Round Interview Tips!

As we discussed on Monday, the Spring job recruitment season has sprung upon us. So, after you’ve engaged in a few networking calls, conducted your research and application homework, you may find yourself at the first round interview stage of the application process! Congrats, you made it! If you’re scrambling about where to go from here and how to prepare and nail your interview, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out our best advice for how to outperform your candidate competitors…

Virtual First-Round Interview Tips…

  1. Environment! The environment you are in will be important for the interview. Make sure you’re in a quiet place so there are no interruptions. Good lighting and a clean space are a must-have as well to ensure you have a neutral environment for your interview.
  2. Technology test! Test your technology prior to your interview. Make sure your webcam and microphone are working properly. Double-check your wifi connection as well! Completing these tasks before your interview is necessary so you don’t have any technology mishaps right before or during the interview.
  3. Prepare! Prepare for interview questions normally, as you would for any other interview. Practice interviewing and answering questions in front of the camera before your virtual interview.
  4. Dress for success! Even though only your top half will be showing for the interview, dress up fully! Dressing up will help you feel confident in yourself and show the interviewer that you are taking it seriously. Your body language will still be an indicator of whether or not you are confident – even in a virtual interview. Sit properly and maintain good posture!
  5. Be yourself! Just like an in-person interview, try to open up by letting your personality shine through – you are giving them a glimpse of who you truly are. Be authentic and don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer questions to open up the conversation!
  6. Follow up! After a virtual interview, you still need to follow up with the company and interviewer. Reach out by phone or email, and thank them for their time! Reiterate relevant information from the interview to show them you are serious about this role!

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