Hannah’s Mid-summer Reflection!

Hello everyone! I hope this Monday finds you each healthy and refreshed from the weekend. Today, I’m hoping to share a candid recount of my experience as a “virtual intern” this summer. I can’t believe that we are already past the halfway mark, but if you’re interested to hear what it’s like to be a newbie at a company who works 100% of the time through a screen… this article is for you. Keep reading to find out if I’ve enjoyed my experience!

Virtual Internship Reflection…

Morning Motivation

I’m sure this part is pretty intuitive, but waking up in the morning only to transfer a few feet over to my work station has definitely put a damper on the excitement of getting to the office. For that reason, I’ve found that coffee is my greatest asset to virtual success. Creating a morning routine that serves as a motivator, in this sense of walking to my kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, has created the level of structure and routine necessary for me to start my day. By also forcing myself to get dressed and presentable for a true day in the office helps me to mimic what an in-person experience would have been like.

Virtual Personality

More now than ever before, it’s crucial to be able to portray your personality in virtual meetings and interactions. Although you are not granted the same ease as in-person conversations, maintaining a smile, positive tone, and enthusiastic body language will help you to showcase your best traits. I also find that making sure my video camera is on as often as possible has helped my conversations feel more fluid and natural.

Channeling Discomfort

It’s ok to feel awkward or uncomfortable in virtual situations! After all, this is most of our first go in an online format, and we all have a ton to learn before becoming acclimated to this new way of working. By allowing myself to channel discomfort into positive vulnerability, I have reached greater success. What I mean by this is that although it may be out of the ordinary to chat another intern for a one on one, meet a manager through a screen, or initiate coffee chats with employees across the business, following through with those types of actions will allow you to become integrated into your company culture while making your mark in the temporary time period of an internship.


While the company you work for will undoubtedly play a huge role in your fulfillment, the actions that you take, and your own personal and professional productivity will shape your true longevity with a company. So, sticking by the idea of channeling your discomfort into action is a great way to get started on making virtual relationships and lasting memories during your internship!

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