Productive Monday Plan

Especially after a summer weekend, we’ve all felt the back to work slump that comes with Monday mornings. However, today we’re here to introduce you to strategies that will provide you with the tools to start your week off right and achieve your most productive self. Keep reading to find out…

Productive Monday Habits…

  • Hydrate – One of the best ways to help your body get back into the swing of a healthy week is to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Keep a water bottle by your desk and set goals throughout the day to keep yourself accountable – you may even try setting an alarm on your phone as a reminder!
    • Extra tip – Many nutritionists recommend drinking apple cider vinegar after an indulgent weekend… give it a try!
  • Healthy Fuel –  Starting your Monday with a healthy breakfast will rejuvenate your body and ensure that you are feeling energized and prepared for the week’s obligations. Whether this means a cup of tea, a bowl of fruit, a plate of eggs, or any source of nutrients, charging your metabolism in the morning is key to a fueled workday.
  • Workout – Working out is a guaranteed bonus to your day, and also a great way to set the tone for the rest of your week. If getting to the gym or in-home workout space proves your greatest challenge, try changing into workout clothes towards the end of your workday to ease the transition.
  • Organize! – Making a to-do list, filling out a daily planner or calendar, or even using a sticky note and writing down what you need to complete is proven to help individuals accomplish their daily tasks and goals. This will also keep you organized and decrease your chance of forgetting a meeting or assignment.
  • Check-In – If you don’t check your work email on the weekends, make sure to get that sorted out too. Try creating a “priority” folder to move all of your most important emails from the weekend into. That way, you will at least be able to get back to your most important messages, even if you are unable to reach all of your emails in one day.
  • Let Yourself Breathe – Schedule breaks into your day as you would any other obligation. Letting yourself have time to relax is equally as important as completing your work.

Remember, if you’re feeling “off” at the start of a Monday, you’re not alone! However, the action you take to relieve a lack of motivation and stimulate your workday will shape and shift the course of your productivity. So, get started on these steps today!

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