Hannah’s Next Steps…

Hi all! As we approach the new year (and decade!) I thought it might be a good time to let our readers know that, as of January 1st, I will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain for all of second semester! I will be attending Barcelona’s CIEE Business and Culture program spanning from January through April, while hopefully taking some time to travel along the way. So, what have I been doing and what are my plans heading into 2020? Keep reading to find out!

Fall Semester Included…

  • Vice President of Member Development: At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, my extracurricular involvement is mainly encompassed by my membership to our Women in Business Organization. This club, which hosts ~100 members, offers a variety of professional and personal development opportunities to women of all majors, with a high focus on business. As VP Member Development, I was responsible for coordinating and overseeing all of our Professional Development events and Community Involvement service opportunities; these events summed up to about 10 total throughout our 15 week semester. Some of the partnerships I helped develop included: Kimberly Clark, Northwestern Mutual, and the Ronald McDonald House of Madison.
  • Academics: This semester, I was fortunate enough to expand my education and further progress towards achieving my degree by completing the following courses:
    • Marketing Research
    • Management of an Insurance Enterprise
    • Brand Management
    • Gender and Women’s Studies: Global Women’s Heath

Spring Semester Hopes…

  • Spanish! Primarily, I cannot wait to further my global understanding of business through a variety of classes. I hope to continue improving my ability to both speak and read Spanish and will be taking a Spanish course in addition to 4 other degree-fulfilling classes.
  • Travel: Having never before seen Europe, I cannot wait to travel throughout Spain and the rest of the continent! Some of the locations I’m most excited to visit include:
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • London, England
    • Paris, France
    • Florence, Italy

I would love to hear about the hopes and plans of all of our readers! Feel free to keep us updated by contacting my email at [email protected]! We will continue posting blogs twice weekly throughout the rest of the year and into the next, so keep looking out for some fantastic content in 2020. Just think… what better addition to your routine than a quick lesson every Monday and Thursday?

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