End of Year Vacationing?

Especially for those of you located in the colder regions of the US (like my home, Chicago!), I would predict this time of year brings hopes and dreams of relocating and relaxing on a nice, warm beach. For that reason, many employees opt to taking end of year vacations. However, is this the best move for your job? Find out what we think here…

Vacationing at the End of the Year:

  • Coordination: The most important aspect of leaving your office for a significant period of time (anything more than one week!) is keeping everyone up to date with your plans and setting expectations. Make sure to coordinate your workload deligations far in advance so as to make sure your team, managers, mentors, and all employees are made well aware of your departure before it happens. We recommend that you schedule your vacation onto your work calendar at least one month in advance so as to execute your travel plans most smoothly.
  • Planning Ahead: On the same note as above, we highly encourage you to travel only when you know that you are not going to be overwhelmed with a particularly high workload, specifically in your “offseason”. Whether tax season, end of year, beginning of year, or any other seasonal overload, it is best to avoid leaving the office when the rest of your team and workforce is pushing over time. With the less work left at home, the greater the amount of time you will be able to spend relaxing and unplugging from electronics!
  • Avoiding an Overload: On a separate note, we highly encourage you to make sure to take enough vacation to maintain motivation while at work. If you run yourself too thin across many responsibilities, you may end up resenting the office, your teammates, or your role. Remember, you are afforded PTO for a reason… use it!
  • Considering Time Spent in Your Current Role: One last thing, always make sure to evaluate the time you’ve spent in your current position and at the specific company before taking time off. We encourage you to collect upwards of 6 months of time before leaving so as to showcase your dedication to your current position. After cultivating the respect from your teammates and proving that you’re loyal, you should reward yourself!

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