How to Practice Self-Care at Work

In order to perform the best at work, self-care should be a priority for you. When self-care is practiced, it can help your work life and personal life balance improve. If self-care isn’t one of your priorities, it may be easier for you to feel burned out or run down at work. Continue reading below for some good self-care tips!

Self-Care Tips

Say No: Learning how to say no is so beneficial for your self-care. While saying no can be difficult, it’s important to set those boundaries with your coworkers. Saying no doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it just means you can’t handle that extra task at the moment.

Use Gaps and Breaks: Using your breaks to actually break from working is so important. As we discussed on Friday, breaks lead to better productivity. They can also help you relax and take a breather from the pile of work you have in front of you. Gaps are just as important too. If you find yourself with a few extra minutes in between meetings or tasks, use it to take a lap around the office, grab some water, or even meditate.

Add it to Your Schedule: Our schedules dictate our whole work day. Whether we have a meeting to attend or a team lunch, we always add those events to our calendar. Add in self-care to your schedule! By physically making it an event, you will be more likely to complete it. Add in ten minutes of meditation or schedule a 20-minute walk. Visually and physically blocking out time for self-care will help you practice it every day.

Update Your Workspace: Our desk and workspace should be like a sanctuary for us. Organize your workspace so you have a more clear mind. Along with organization, personalize it. Add in picture frames of family or friends and things that make you happy. Hang positive or motivating quotes, so you can feel inspired throughout your day.

These tips are great examples of how to practice self-care. Self-care is one of those things where it is just necessary in order to have productive and less stressful workdays. Take at least one of these tips and add it into your normal work routine! Self-care is practiced in different ways for everyone, so find what is right for you!

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