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How To Rebrand Your LinkedIn Profile To Get Hired

1.Determine Your Job Seeking Objectives and Goal

In one of our earlier blog post, 7 Questions to Help You Set Your Career Goals in 2018, we spoke about determining your goals and objectives for the new year. If you’re looking to secure a new job in 2018, those goals should be front of mind always. These goals play a huge role in determining your job seeking objections. What are you looking for in your new job? How are you hoping/planning on using LinkedIn and your other social profiles to find it?

2. Check, Check and Double Check Grammar and Spelling

Nothing is a larger red flag to an employer that you do not take yourself professionally than having blatantly spelling and grammar errors on your profile. Remember, this is the profile that is visible to the entire internet. Meaning the hiring manager of your dreams has access to this just as much as anyone else. But your best foot forward by triple checking your spelling and grammar and by reaching out to a professional to admire to check as well.

3. What’s your pitch?

The summary box under your profile is where you can distinguish yourself and create a memorable and enticing personal pitch targeted towards hiring managers and recruiters. Your pitch needs to exemplify your experiences, expertise and value you bring to your organization while showing your personality.

4. Connect and Reconnect

You should be leveraging your existing connections and taking this time to reconnect with connections that you may have lost touch with. Make connections with multiple connections at a company you are interested in and make sure your connections are genuine and thoughtful.

5. Get Some Recommendations

As awkward as it may be, taking the time to ask your clients, colleagues or bosses to take the time to recommend you on LinkedIn can help differentiate you from your competition. Recommendations build trust and an additional layer of reassurance besides your work experience that you are a great candidate.

6. Make it consistent

Consistency helps create a stronger personal branding message for recruiters and shows pride and integrity in your work. Make sure the messages on your website, Twitter biography, Facebook page and other online sites you maintain a profile on are all consistent. Consistency helps you create a stronger personal and professional brand. For example, you should use the same picture and tagline for every profile. Recruiters will be sure to check you are consistent on all platforms before reaching out to you.

7. Show Your Expertise and Stay Active

Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry by sharing articles, company updates, industry news, and professional opinions. Your followers will grow to value your expertise and turn to you for industry news and updates. Additionally, recruiters always want to hire the best and brightest for their clients. Showing your knowledge of the industry will help you develop and grow in your career.

Furthermore, don’t just talk about updates your company has, or what your company is doing, but share how you are contributing to your company’s success and how your company is benefitting by having you working for them. Make sure you are demonstrating clearly how you are contributing to your company’s bottom line.

8. Help Recruiters Find You

Quite possibly the most important tip is making sure you are able to be found by recruiters. Make sure you contact settings are set to include, career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, reference requests. Additionally, make sure your profile is public, and customize your public profile URL so that it contains your name.

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