5 Tips to be a Top Recruiter

As we dive into 2018 and begin to delve into the challenges we faced in 2017 we are reminded that with challenge comes opportunities. This year, make it your mission as a recruiter to hone in on these challenges and use them to propel you into your future. Whether your goals are personal, health or career driven make 2018 the year that you not only meet your goals but make lasting change that positively impacts your future for years to come. Today, we are sharing our 5 tips to be a top recruiter.

If you’re a recruiter and one of your goals this year is to stay competitive and at the top of your pack in your industry or at your company then we are here to help. As a leading recruitment firm in Chicago, we think we have mastered the art of recruiting and retaining the best and most qualified clients for our clients. Luckily for you, we like to share our tips and experiences with you to help you become the top recruiter in your field and industry.

Here are our 5 cardinal tips to be a top recruiter:


1. Consider accompanying your clients to their interviews

This practice, commonly referred to as a “walk on by” is a crucial element in differentiating yourself from other recruiters and making your client feel as confident and comfortable as possible. A walk on is when a recruiter physically accompanies a candidate to an interview, instead of sending them to the interview solo. This practice is useful in many ways including getting additional time with your client and the opportunity to answer any last minute questions your client may have or last-minute prep. This practice is sure to set you apart from other candidates and a way to make sure your clients remember you

2. Become a candidate “insider”

The best way to connect to your candidates, and tailor their personality and interests to their dream job is to research and find out what they like. Become an “insider” to your candidate by asking them what publications they read, what LinkedIn groups they’re in, what social media platforms they’re on, and who they follow, see where they ’re on the web. Most importantly, don’t just find out this critical information, take the next step to follow these social influencers, subscribe to the website or publications. By emerging yourself within your candidate’s lifestyle you will be more accurately tailor your recruitment efforts to positions where your candidate will thrive, and in turn, helping you advance in your career.

3. Send candidates to on multiple interviews

With the rise of social media, it is increasingly easier for a candidate to research and set up interviews on their own. This has made the job market even more competitive. To stay on top of the competition, candidates need to be sent to multiple job interviews. During your “insider” process be inquisitive of the companies your client respect and tailor your recruiting process to similar companies.

4. Develop a referral program

If you have been in this profession for longer than 18 months, over 50% of your candidates should be the result of referrals.

5. Focus on the 5% of candidates that you will actually place

There is a common misconception that recruiters are guaranteed to place 100% of candidates that come to them. This, unfortunately, is not the case, and in reality, recruiters place 5% of the candidate we attract. Unfortunately, the other 95% are often not placed but deserve to have a positive experience when interacting with you and your firm. The average recruiter spends in excess of 90 minutes a day taking incoming calls and providing free career advice to individuals who represent the least placeable candidates. With such small margin, it is essential, to focus your energy and efforts on the 5% you will place and provide the 95% with resources that can help themselves. This way you’re focusing on efforts that will help you succeed, while still providing a positive experience for the candidates you cannot devote your efforts too.


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