Interview Dress Code

Have you ever worried about what you should wear for a job interview? I know I have. It’s such a simple, yet complex decision. Unfortunately, you are partially judged on your appearance when interviewing for a job. That’s why we are going to talk about how to prepare an outfit for a job interview. Continue reading below!

Research: You have to research the company beforehand anyways, so why not try to research their company culture! Figure out how they dress by checking out their social media. Are they business attire, business casual, or casual? If you feel like you don’t want to stand out in business attire if they are a business casual culture, then do what feels right!

Dress For Success: You may have done your research and discovered that the company is business casual, but you really wanted to wear your pencil skirt or suit. Guess what? It’s okay to overdress for the interview! Dressing for success is proven to boost our confidence in situations like interviews. Extra effort is always okay for an interview outfit.

Simplicity: When you think of your outfit, keep it simple. Don’t go overboard on your jewelry or accessories. Wear simple pieces that are elegant and conservative. Simplicity is key for colors as well! Try to wear black, brown, grey, dark blue or other dark shades of colors.

Judgment: Use your best judgment when trying to put together an outfit for your interview. Keep your outfit choices appropriate and simple. Of course, your appearance is your very first impression, but we don’t want your outfit to distract your interviewer from what you are saying or bringing to the table.

Interview outfits don’t need to be that stressful! Pick an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in. Read our specific interview dress code here! 

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