Interview Prep!

Here at Esquire Recruiting, LLC we talk a lot about interviews and how to do your best because we want you to succeed! Interviews aren’t always an easy task and they can be scary at times. Today, we’re going to talk about three topics and things you should be doing to prepare for your interview in order to feel more confident!


Completing your due diligence ahead of time is imperative for the interview. Research can be time-consuming, but if the role is something you care about then it won’t seem tedious. Research the role you applied for. To do this, read the job description thoroughly so you know exactly what the company is looking for in their candidate. Research the company as well. Understand their values and mission, and try to find out anything you can about their workplace culture. Researching will help you feel prepared before your interview.


Practicing for interviews can seem silly and unnecessary, but it really does help! Find someone to help you do a mock interview. Practice answering questions about the role of the job, your skills, and the company’s values. Practicing can help you formulate good answers, so you don’t sound as awkward or unsure during the real thing. Mock interviews can also help eliminate anxiety and stress when it comes time for the real thing. Confidence is key!


Prepare some questions that you can ask the hiring manager or person who is conducting the interviews. We have previously posted about questions to ask the employer, so familiarize yourself with that post if you need some ideas. Always show up to your interview prepared with some questions to ask. Questions show them that you are interested and it also shows that you have done your research, which is a good thing!

Preparing for interviews might seem unnecessary to some, but it boosts confidence and success. Above, we have talked about just a few of the things you should be doing before an interview. Use those suggestions to help get your head in the right place before an interview. Start preparing for an interview more than one day in advance, this will be sure to make you feel prepared.


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