Keeping Your Clients

Especially as a recruiting firm, Esquire understands and values the importance of maintaining relationships with clients. During the holiday season, and in the midst of reflecting on our personal and professional gratitude, we’re here today to offer a few ways to remind your clients that you value their business. Doing so will not only help you to maintain business, but might even inadvertently allow your network to expand by recommendations, referrals, and word of mouth.

Maintaining Clientele Through Appreciation…

  • Say Thank You! There is no limit on the thanks you offer to your clients. Whether you sent out an annual or semi-annual note to your customer base, saying thanks every so often and keeping up to date with your client’s success proves crucial to your own. This may mean a short email every so often, but even the smallest efforts have large rewards.
  • Send out a Holiday Card: Another quick and relatively easy way to remind your clients that you’re thinking of them and wishing them a happy holiday season is by sending out a company holiday card. In the age of technology, crafting a holiday card is easier than ever! Conducting a quick web search will allow your firm to get those well-wishes sent in a matter of minutes.
  • Visit a Client’s Office: While we understand that with the holidays come a plethora of obligations and are endlessly busy, we encourage you to stop by a partner or client’s office if you can find the time. There is something to be said and respected about face-to-face interactions. After all, you never know which small action may land you your next deal or preserve your partnerships!
  • Flowers or Chocolates: You can never go wrong with flowers or chocolates! Although the most traditional and common means of sharing gratitude in the business industry, sending out a small holiday gift goes a long way. Flowers and chocolates equally prove as fantastic pick-me-ups throughout the day.

While it is not expected that your company sends a gift or thank you during the holiday season, going that extra mile is a fantastic, and essential way to keep your clients around and preserve the business you’ve worked hard to accumulate. Remember, the best way to reach a client and show your genuine gratitude is by taking a personal effort to remember their successes, achievements, and how they’ve helped you.

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Happy New Year!