What is it Like to be a Recruiter?

Being a recruiter can entail a multitude of opportunities, obligations, and tasks. As a result of the inquiries we have received, we’re super excited to elaborate on what it’s like to attain this career!

Candidate Side:

As a recruiter, half of your employment is fueled by the candidates you discover. Whether working to connect them to new opportunities, building new relationships, or navigating LinkedIn, candidates are an enormous component of the recruiting process.

  • Working with Candidates: As a recruiter, you must be your candidate’s biggest fan! After all, you are the one to recommend them to positions. When representing a candidate to the employer you are working with, it is important to know all about them. A plethora of knowledge regarding their background, experience, resume, and even personality will help you find the best fit between them and the company.
  • Building Relationships: One of the most rewarding factors of being a recruiter is the number of relationships you build over the course of your career. With each new position, you are afforded the opportunity to make new relationships with dozens of candidates. Whether or not they become the true fit for the current position, they may very well be the next best candidate in the future!
  • Using LinkedIn: In an industry constantly adapting to technological advancements, recruiters are fortunate to be able to utilize a vast number of professional channels, the largest being LinkedIn. As we’ve said in the past, it is always important to keep your LinkedIn updated – you never know when a recruiter may stumble upon your profile!
    • LinkedIn not only helps recruiters connect with candidates, but it allows them to build an extremely strong and evolving network. Recruiters connect with people through these platforms and prospect new candidates each and every day!

Client Side:

Just like the candidate side, half of a recruiter’s career focuses on the client side. Here are a few reasons how …

  • Business Development Efforts: As you work your way up the ladder, you will eventually obtain a recruiting position that allows you to search and discover clients. Thanks to client outreach, recruiting companies expand their relationships on an exponential level, connecting with new clients every day.
  • Learning New Industries: One component that people may overlook when they think of recruiting is the knowledge that each recruiter gains under their position. In connecting with new clients, recruiters are constantly introduced to new industries and positions
  • Supporting Client Needs: Additionally, as recruiter’s work to help their candidate fulfill all of their “needs” in their new position, they must also fulfill the needs of their clients. Whether this entails a specific requirement (ie: number of years of experience), a number of candidates, or whatever else the client requires, a recruiter is the client’s one-stop-shop for all of their needs!

We hope with this quick overview of recruiting you can now understand what to expect within this career! As one of our favorite recruiters quotes, “the most rewarding part of recruiting is the ability to network on a national basis, meeting and knowing people throughout the United States that you would never have before!”

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