Soak in the Weekend

As we enter into yet another weekend, we hope that you are able to find solace and relaxation as you importantly UNPLUG from work obligations! It is crucial to weekday and ongoing productivity that you recharge and take a break from daily tasks and obligations. So, if you’re someone who struggles to say no to work from Friday night – Monday morning, this article is for you! Keep reading to find out our favorite ways to relax and recharge…

Weekend Recharging

  • Set Boundaries in Advance: In order to truly achieve the goal of unplugging, set yourself up for success by creating boundaries in advance. This may look like a specific day in the week or a limited number of times you allow yourself to “check screens”, but whatever you choose, set a restriction to follow regarding your work and technology. Implementing these subtle goals will provide you a sense of achievement measure of accountability.
  • Make Plans! If you feel the same way as I do, that creeping feeling that settles in that you should be doing “more” occurs when I’m lying in bed and unoccupied. For that reason, try to occupy yourself over the weekend by creating a schedule or set of plans to take action through. If you’re asking yourself, “what do they mean?!” Here are some ideas…
    • A picnic, in-home date night, movie night, art project, workout class, long walks, new coffee shop, new recipe, tie-dying, crafting, a puzzle, a new podcast, virtual happy hour or GNO, or other do-it-yourself activities to stay engaged without screens!
  • Open Communication: Remember, just because your coworker or manager may stay online through all hours of the night does not mean that you must! Having an open communication plan where you let your manager and teammates know when you will and will not be reachable by mail or whatever it may be will relieve your sense of uncertainty and therefore need to stay in contact at all times. Creating standards and expectations across all areas of the business will help you to relieve yourself of the question of communication!

Above all, life is about working to live instead of living to work! Whether we are in the office or at home, finding a work-life balance is your key to maintaining motivation and a desire to be productive. So, relax and restore this weekend!

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