Resume Upkeep Part 2!

In case you missed the first half of our resume upkeep series, make sure to click here before you keep reading today! On this exciting Monday, we’ll be expanding on easy resume strategies to implement from your own couch at home. By maintaining an up-to-date, relevant resume, you’ll be ready to re-enter the job market, expand your network, or elevate your professional brand in no time.

Resume Upkeep Part 2…

  • Appearance: The appearance of your resume is often the key component in whether an employer will choose to take the time to review it. In order to solidify their interest, confirm that yours is clear, organized, and proof-read! It is no challenge to create an excellent resume, in fact, there are several resources available online for free that will help you either create a new resume or update your current one. Here is one example!
  • Some extra components to consider when evaluating the physical appearance of your resume:
    • Reverse chronological format!
    • Not covered in bright colors, but instead written in black (or dark-colored) font over a white background.
    • The font type is readable. Fortunately, there are several fonts available to help you craft a resume that matches your style while still maintaining a professional appearance.
    • Keep in mind what kind of role you are applying to:
      • i.e.: An accounting position is generally serious and does not require creative content. Your resume should reflect that with a standard, black font. However, a digital studies job which requires great creativity can be paired with a more unique looking resume, potentially enhanced by colors or spatial format.

With these compiled tips and easy steps to take, we’re confident that you’re resume will leave you at the front of an application pool. If you have any additional questions, comments, or confusion, make sure to leave a comment on any of our posts or reach out to my personal email, [email protected]. We’re here and happy to help!

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