Selling Yourself on Your First Day!

Whether you’re a student or full-time employee, starting an internship, temporary, part-time, or full-time position, nailing your first impression on your first day will steer your future success in this role! So, keep reading to be sure of what to look out for on your first day and how to hit the ground running in the most possible way. 

Nailing First Impressions:

  • Dress: Make sure that your clothing is aligned with the “vibe” of the office and dress expectations! Especially during your first few days, we encourage you to lean closer to formality or casual looks.
  • Tone: The tone you exhibit is a key component of your first impression, so make sure to express enthusiasm, excitement, confidence! On a separate note, make sure that the tone you use when speaking about yourself and your own accomplishments helps you appear prideful, but still humble.
  • Warm Body Language (If In-Person): Offering a firm handshake, maintaining eye contact, greeting with a smile, and being mindful of the way you say hello are key indicators of your attitude as an employee. Extra tips: focus on posture while sitting and minimizing fidgeting or other subconscious habits!
  • Greetings: Remembering specific names of employees who will be managing and training you from the interview process and greeting them in a genuine manner will showcase your motivation and respect for the role! Jotting down names and contact info. for future coffee chats and conversations is a super smart strategy during any interview or first few days on the job as you become acclimated to the office and space.
  • Actively Listen: Remember, on your first few days you are a SPONGE! Remember key information, advice, stories you are told, or any information you are provided on the other end. Make your employer feels as valued and important as possible!
  • Punctuality: As we’ve said in the past… if you’re on time, consider yourself late! Always arrive early on your first day (whether you’re on Zoom or in the actual office!). Not only will this showcase respect, but it will allow time for you to collect yourself, organize your belongings, and mentally prepare for a few extra minutes.

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